Access to Abortion

Every Texan should have access to safe, legal abortion regardless of their income or zip code. ​

Yet abortion can be difficult to access — extremists at every level of government are enforcing laws that make it harder for Texans to get the healthcare they need.

For decades, anti-abortion extremists have chipped away at abortion access in Texas. The right to have an abortion is meaningless if it’s not accessible.

Barriers to Abortion Care in Texas

Finding a provider: Texas legislators have passed a series of targeted restrictions on abortion providers (TRAP laws) that make it harder for clinics to keep doors open and for professionals to provide abortion services. The result? Nearly half of all Texas clinics have closed since 2013, and nearly 900,000 Texans live more than 150 miles from a clinic. 

Paying for abortion care: The cost of an abortion starts at $450 — and most Texans have to pay out of pocket. Texas law limits private insurance from covering abortion care unless you buy a separate waiver policy. Policies like the Hyde amendment also deny coverage for abortion to people who get insurance through Medicaid and Tricare.  

Waiting periods: Texas law requires a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion, which forces people to attend a second, medically unnecessary appointment in person. Waiting periods especially hurt rural Texans, parents, and low-income people, who need to take additional time off from work, find child care, and may need to travel and pay for lodging.

Medical interference: Texas law requires a sonogram before an abortion—for most pregnancies, that means a medically unnecessary, invasive transvaginal ultrasound. Texas law also requires people seeking an abortion to receive medically inaccurate counseling before their abortion. 

Procedure bans: Instead of patients and doctors determining the best care for an individual, Texas legislators used junk science to ban safe and effective abortion procedures that other states allow. 

Telemedicine and medication abortion: Texas law prohibits abortion care through telemedicine and limits the time medication abortion is allowed. These medically unnecessary restrictions make it harder for rural Texans to access care, especially during a pandemic.

It’s up to us to stop new Texas abortion restrictions before they are exported to other states. Through community-building, education, and political advocacy, Avow is working hard to secure unrestricted abortion care and reproductive rights and freedom for every Texan.

When we fight and win here, the impact is enormous — it is a galvanizing victory for abortion rights and the larger fight for justice and equity across the nation.

Join the Abortion Rights Majority

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Texans could soon see access to abortion completely cut off

It’s time for a new playbook where abortion rights are front and center. That’s why our 2022 political plan includes going deep into key swing districts with canvassers, trainings on abortion stigma, reproductive rights town halls, and digital ads to hold extremist lawmakers accountable.

Together, we can ignite a new political vision where the majority of Texans who support abortion access are able to make their voices heard in the halls of power.

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NARAL Pro-Choice Texas is now Avow!

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As an independent, Texas-based organization, Avow will continue our work at the state and local level — where the decisions that most impact Texans are happening.

Together, we can build a Texas where every person is trusted, thriving, and free to pursue the life they want.

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