Why we ❤️ abortion and use the phrase “pro-abortion”

Do our abortion heart stickers or pro-abortion t-shirts make you uncomfortable? If they do, you aren’t alone. As Avow continues to shift culture through our programming, our swag, and our trainings, many people have expressed their discomfort. The conversation usually starts with something like this: 

“Nobody loves abortion.”

“It’s too in your face.” 

“I’m pro-choice, but…” 

For the vast majority of people, accessing abortion care is about love.

Love for the families they already have, love for the children they want to have in the future when the timing is right, love for themselves and their dreams. 

We continue to push the boundaries and shift culture because abortion is safe, common, and normal but you wouldn’t know that because abortion stigma keeps people from sharing their stories. 

The fact is, the majority of Texans support access to abortion. And we’re committed to changing the conversation about abortion to reflect that reality. For too long, anti-abortion extremists have dictated how we’re allowed to talk about abortion. And if I can be blunt I’m over it. 

The anti-abortion side uses the word “abortion” 4 times more often than our side does. That has allowed them to spread lies and medical inaccuracies, and to control the narrative so much that even abortion rights supporters don’t feel comfortable saying the word. 

Our side has spent decades using euphemisms like women’s rights, reproductive health, choice — words that have allowed stigma to permeate abortion care and ultimately shame people who have had abortions. 

It has also empowered everyone but the person seeking abortion care to determine what are “good” abortions and what are “bad” abortions. We don’t have to know or judge a person’s reason for getting an abortion to support them once they make a decision. 

That’s why Avow is committed to being abortion out loud and abortion positive in our approach to all our work, whether it is through our advocacy at the legislature, public education, or electoral work. We aren’t shying away from telling the truth. We ❤️ abortion. 

We're done hiding behind euphemisms and perpetuating the stigma that hurts people who need abortion care. 

As an advocacy organization committed to shifting the stigmatizing culture surrounding abortion from supporters, we believe it is our duty to be as abortion out loud and unapologetic as possible. We are afforded this opportunity because we don’t have clients or a medical practice that will be attacked, legislated, or litigated. It’s our responsibility to be as unapologetic as possible because that is how we affect the change needed.

In our current climate, we have supporters that can’t say the word abortion, we have legislators who will throw abortion under the bus to save other progressive ideals, we have an administration that hasn’t said the word abortion since taking office. 

I loved my abortion. I am pro-abortion. My abortion allowed me to deal with the undiagnosed bipolar disorder that was debilitating. My abortion enabled me to finish college. My abortion empowered me to go to law school. My abortion gave me the opportunity to get married and have children when I was mentally healthy and able to care for them to the best of my ability. 

I am pro-abortion because regardless of the circumstances or the reasoning, sometimes abortion is the best thing that could have happened to a person — and we at Avow never want them to feel shame. 

I hope you’ll join us in the fight against abortion stigma. We can’t change the conversation without you! 

With love, 

Aimee Arrambide
Former Executive Director

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