87th Legislative Session Bill Tracker

Avow is tracking every bill related to abortion that has been filed during this session. To see where a bill is at in the process, click the bill number (ie. “SB 8”) and review the Texas Legislature Online link. We will keep you abreast of the major developments through our text alerts. Sign up by texting ACTION to 833-475-0184

Abortion Bans and Restrictions

SB 8 (Hughes) | HB 1165 & HB 1515 (Slawson)—Bans abortion before most people know they are pregnant, allows anyone to sue an abortion provider or anyone else who helps a person get an abortion in Texas if any of the many laws regulating abortion might be violated. 

SB 9 (Paxton) HB 1280 (Capriglione) – a total ban on abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

HB 3326 (Slaton) Makes all abortion care a crime punishable by death. 

HB 1432 (Shaheen) – Ban on abortion based on “race, ethnicity, or national origin of the unborn child”  (Gov. Abbott Priority)

SB 1173 (Hancock) and HB 3218 (Schaefer) would also remove the compassionate exception to abortion bans in the cases of non-viable pregnancies

SB 394 (LucioHB 2337 (Klick) – Regulation on medical abortion, limiting to patients less than 7 weeks pregnant

SB 802 (PaxtonHB 2313 (Leach) – Requires anyone seeking abortion care to have counseling and receive information from a third party (a CPC), creates a database of all those seeking counseling, assigns each patient a “Scarlet number” for the database, and patient can not get care unless the CPC adds their number to the statewide database. 

SB 1647 – prohibits abortion after 6 weeks, removes exception for non-viable fetuses, and a reason ban. 

HB 1173 (Noble) SB 650 (Campbell) – Ban on local government practical support for abortion access

HB 1171 (Sanford) – Judicial bypass hearings are a constitutionally required process for protecting the rights of minors seeking abortions, the appointment of a lawyer for a fetus, is irrelevant to the judicial inquiry at hand and denigrates the confidentiality of the proceeding.

Avow Legislative Agenda Bills

Repealing the Medically Unnecessary Restrictions on Abortion

(HB 4389Howard)

  • Repeals the 24 hour waiting period and 2 appointment requirements.
  • Repeals the “Woman’s Right to Know” Act.
  • Repeals the physician-only requirement.
  • Ends forced sonograms.
  • Repeals the parental consent requirement for young people

Ending Discrimination Based on Reproductive Health Decisions

(HB 698/ SB 578Rosenthal/Eckhardt)

  • Prevents employment discrimination based on reproductive health decisions

Protecting Abortion Clinics, Providers, Staff, and Patients

(HB 627Rosenthal)

  • Increases penalties for clinic protestors who disrupt access to  care

(HB 3055Hinojosa)

  • Allows people to keep home address confidential in county appraisal rolls and voting rolls

Increasing Insurance Coverage and Reproductive Healthcare access

HB 1362/SB 448 (Cole/Eckhardt)

  • Restores abortion coverage in Texas Medicaid and Texas insurance plans

HB 3825/SB 1722 (Ramos/Eckhardt)

  • Expands access to women’s health care services and family planning services by removing prohibitions on health care providers from participating in public healthcare programs.

Increasing Access to Contraception

HB 296/SB 536 (Collier/Eckhardt)

  • Removes the parental consent requirement for contraception for teen parents

HB 835 (Howard)

  • Makes Contraception a covered benefit in the Children’s Health Insurance Program

HB 2651  (Gonzalez)

  • Requires health insurance including CHIP to cover refill prescription contraception for 12 months

HB 3369 (Ramos)

  • Removes parental consent requirement for contraception for all teens.

BREAKING: Supreme Court Overturns Roe v Wade

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