Become a Texas abortion advocate with Avow's Next Generation Program!

Through Next Gen, you will learn about the status of abortion access in Texas, develop and hone your advocacy skills, and connect with a cohort of bold abortion advocates from across the state.

Virtual sessions include Abortion 101, The Power of Storytelling and Public Testimony, Crisis Pregnancy Centers Explained, and more! By the end of the fellowship, you will have the skills and connections needed to plug in as a volunteer, board member, or general supporter of any repro org across Texas.

Who is this virtual fellowship for?

  • All Texans
  • People of all experience levels! Whether you’re looking to deepen your involvement in the movement or just starting your advocacy journey, this fellowship is for you.
  • Folks who are looking to advocate for abortion access in their communities, and develop a sustained commitment as a volunteer, board member, or supporter of a repro org in Texas.


BREAKING: Supreme Court Overturns Roe v Wade

Texas could soon criminalize all abortion. But together, we still have the power to take back our futures. Right now, Avow canvassers are working in the field and talking to voters about what abortion access means to our communities.

When we win back abortion rights at the state level, no out-of-touch, extreme judge will ever have the power to take it away again. Rush a donation and commit to restoring abortion access in Texas.

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SB 8 bans abortion as early as 6 weeks and puts a $10,000 bounty on anyone who helps someone get abortion care. Now more than ever, we need unapologetic abortion rights advocates to lay the groundwork to defeat anti-abortion lawmakers.

Chip in to organize Texans to restore abortion access in our state. The organizing we do today determines the gains we make in 2022.

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NARAL Pro-Choice Texas is now Avow!

To avow means to declare openly, bluntly, and without shame. Now more than ever, our state needs bold and unapologetic advocacy for abortion rights.

As an independent, Texas-based organization, Avow will continue our work at the state and local level — where the decisions that most impact Texans are happening.

Together, we can build a Texas where every person is trusted, thriving, and free to pursue the life they want.

Learn more about our new name, inspired by bold and unapologetic abortion advocates like you!