Avow’s first round of 2022 endorsements

The state of abortion access in Texas is a public health crisis, and it is about to get much worse with the upcoming Supreme Court decision. In this political climate, we need strong leaders who will destigmatize abortion and fight to restore abortion access with every tool they have at their disposal. 

Today, we are releasing a list of incumbents who have a solid voting record supporting abortion access and reproductive rights during their time in office. A handful of the incumbents on this list have spent their careers fighting alongside abortion advocates, while many have simply been a reliable vote against restrictions. 

In this moment, when abortion is about to be banned and criminalized in our state, we need more from our progressive leaders as a whole. For too long, abortion has been put on the chopping block during legislative sessions and been used as a negotiating tool, even by elected leaders who purportedly support abortion access. A vote for abortion access is the minimum, we expect elected officials to unapoletically support abortion access without shame and stigma. 

We support these incumbents’ re-election for this election cycle, and we look forward to working with them next session. We urge and expect all incumbents to fight tooth and nail in 2023 to stop what we know will be additional attacks on Texans, our abortion access, and our rights. Roe was the floor, now is the time for bold, defiant, and decisive leadership if we’re to create a more just and equitable landscape for the future. 

Alvarado, Carol (D), SD 6, Houston *
Collier, Nicole (D), HD 95, Fort Worth *
Blanco, César (D), SD 29, El Paso *
Eckhardt, Sarah (D), SD 14, Austin ****
Gutierrez, Roland (D), SD 19, Pleasanton
Johnson, Nathan (D), SD 16, Dallas **
Menéndez, José (D), SD 26, San Antonio *
Miles, Borris (D), SD 13, Houston *
West, Royce (D), SD 23, Dallas *
Whitmire, John (D), SD 15, Houston *
Powell, Beverly (D), SD 10, Burleson
Zaffirini, Judith (D), SD 21, Laredo *
Allen, Alma A. (D) HD 131, Houston **
Anchia, Rafael (D) HD 103, Dallas **
Bernal, Diego (D), HD 123, San Antonio
Bowers, Rhetta (D), HD 113, Garland
Bucy III, John (D), HD 136, Austin ***
Campos, Elizabeth “Liz” (D), HD 119, San Antonio *
Canales, Terry (D), HD 40, Edinburg *
Cole, Sheryl (D), HD 46, Austin ****
Collier, Nicole (D), HD 95, Fort Worth *
Cortez, Philip (D), HD 117, San Antonio
Davis, Yvonne (D), HD 111, Dallas
Gervin-Hawkins, Barbara (D), HD 120, San Antonio
González, Jessica (D), HD 104, Dallas **
González, Mary (D), HD 75, Clint *
Goodwin, Vikki (D), HD 47, Austin ****
Guerra, Bobby (D), HD 41, Mission ***
Hernandez, Ana (D), HD 143, Houston *
Hinojosa, Gina (D), HD 49, Austin **
Howard, Donna (D), HD 48, Austin
Johnson, Ann (D), HD 134, Houston *
Johnson, Jarvis D (D), HD 139, Houston *
Johnson, Julie (D), HD 115, Carrollton ***
King, Tracy (D), HD 80, Batesville
Longoria, Oscar (D), HD 35, Mission
Lopez, Ray (D), HD 125, San Antonio ***
Martinez Fischer, Trey (D), HD 116, San Antonio **
Meza, Thresa “Terry” (D), HD 105, Irving ****
Moody, Joe (D), HD 78, El Paso
Morales Shaw, Penny (D), HD 148, Houston ***
Morales, Christina (D), HD 145, Houston *
Morales, Eddie (D), HD 74, Eagle Pass **
Neave, Victoria (D), HD 107, Dallas *
Ordaz Perez, Claudia (D), HD 76, El Paso **
Ortega, Evelina “Lina” (D), HD 77, El Paso ****
Perez, Mary Ann (D), HD 144, Houston
Ramos, Ana-Maria (D), HD 102, Richardson *
Reynolds, Ron (D), HD 27, Missouri City *
Romero Jr., Ramon (D), HD 90, Fort Worth
Rose, Toni (D), HD 110, Dallas
Rosenthal, Jon E. (D), HD 135, Houston ***
Sherman, Carl (D), HD 109, DeSoto **
Talarico, James (D), HD 52, Round Rock
Thierry, Shawn (D), HD 146, Houston ****
Thompson, Senfronia (D), HD 141, Houston *
Turner, Chris (D), HD 101, Grand Prairie
Vo, Hubert (D), HD 149, Houston ***
Walle, Armando (D), HD 140, Houston *
Wu, Gene (D), HD 137, Houston ***
Zwiener, Erin (D), HD 45, Driftwood *****

* denotes a good bill filed in 2021


SB 8 bans abortion as early as 6 weeks and puts a $10,000 bounty on anyone who helps someone get abortion care. Now more than ever, we need unapologetic abortion rights advocates to lay the groundwork to defeat anti-abortion lawmakers.

Chip in to organize Texans to restore abortion access in our state. The organizing we do today determines the gains we make in 2022.

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