Key findings from Avow Dallas-Fort Worth Area Abortion Rights Focus Group

A research group on behalf of Avow conducted 5 online focus groups from March 14 to 23, 2022. Participants were recruited from a DFW district and segmented as follows: Participants were recruited to represent a mix of gender, age, educational attainment, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, employment status, and occupation.

  • Prior to having an in-depth discussion about abortion, almost every demographic group chose abortion as one of their top issues that makes them want to get out and vote. Participants were asked to name the top issues they’re concerned about and without any prompting, all but one demographic name abortion as a top issue.
  • When people spoke about why abortion was a top issue for them, they said it is used as a political issue to turn out conservative voters, but they do not want it to be political and want it to be a human rights issue. Voters are tired of the politicization of abortion rights, they recognize abortion to be a healthcare and human rights issue and do not like where the state and country are headed in terms of abortion rights. 
  • When asked what has been going on with abortion in Texas, many participants were well informed. Participants focus on the six-week limit and the enforcement mechanisms. They do not like either. Participants use hot language to describe SB8 – “disgusting,” “ridiculous,” “weird,” “outrageous” and “doesn’t make sense.” 
‘The Long Road’ graphic
  • After seeing ‘The Long Road’ graphic, participants note how many steps, barriers, and restrictions there are. After scanning the descriptions of these barriers and restrictions, people conclude that the state’s goal is to make abortion almost impossible to access.
  • Many participants say abortion is an important voting issue. When told that a local DFW candidate voted for all of these positions, a number of participants say they cannot support her or vote for her. 


SB 8 bans abortion as early as 6 weeks and puts a $10,000 bounty on anyone who helps someone get abortion care. Now more than ever, we need unapologetic abortion rights advocates to lay the groundwork to defeat anti-abortion lawmakers.

Chip in to organize Texans to restore abortion access in our state. The organizing we do today determines the gains we make in 2022.

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