What is SB 8?

In 2021, Texas lawmakers passed SB 8, the most extreme abortion ban in the country.

The Texas ban is unlike any ban ever passed. It not only bans abortion before many people know they’re pregnant — it also allows any person, anywhere, to sue providers, abortion funds, and family members for any perceived violation of the ban.

SB 8 has no exceptions for rape, incest, or fetal anomaly. The ban is so far-reaching it would allow out-of-state anti-abortion groups to sue the family members of rape victims for driving a patient to a clinic.

3 Ways to Fight Back

#1 Be Pro-Abortion

For too long, anti-abortion extremists have dictated how we’re allowed to talk about abortion. That’s why we’re pro-abortion — and you can be, too →

#2 Pledge to Vote

The majority of Texans support abortion access, but one in three didn’t vote in 2022. Pledge to vote for abortion access →

#3 Make a Donation

The Texas ban didn’t happen overnight, and rolling it back won’t happen in a just day. Invest in Texas-led advocacy so we can root out anti-abortion extremism from the ground up →

With an anti-abortion majority at the Supreme Court, the future of abortion access is in greater peril than ever. Anti-abortion lawmakers have pushed the most extreme bans in hopes of Roe v. Wade falling, but they don’t control our destinies — you do.

Together, we can take our power back right here at home, hold lawmakers accountable, and restore abortion access for all Texans.

About Avow Foundation for Abortion Access

We’re working for a better Texas: where every person is trusted, thriving, and free to pursue the life they want.

Across the nation, abortion rights are under siege. Here in Texas, we face anti-abortion government and extremist policies at every level. These policies are rooted in patriarchy and white supremacy, and are backed by national anti-choice groups who don’t represent Texas values. It’s up to us to stop those policies here in Texas, before they are exported to other states across the country.

When we fight and win here, the impact is enormous—a galvanizing victory for abortion rights and the larger fight for justice and equity across the nation.

Avow Foundation for Abortion Access is a c3 non-profit that works to educate Texans on the importance of abortion access. We’re leading this movement and changing the culture with an unapologetic abortion-forward mindset. 


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SB 8 bans abortion as early as 6 weeks and puts a $10,000 bounty on anyone who helps someone get abortion care. Now more than ever, we need unapologetic abortion rights advocates to lay the groundwork to defeat anti-abortion lawmakers.

Chip in to organize Texans to restore abortion access in our state. The organizing we do today determines the gains we make in 2022.

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